Discussing Advocacy Analysis

Our signature service was developed for the average family who needs help with aging needs but has no idea where to start. Over the years we saw the struggles time and time again of meeting with families who were overwhelmed, spinning their wheels researching options that weren’t the most suitable and missing valuable resources at their fingertips.

Our Advocacy Analysis is a version of a geriatric assessment that looks at an individual’s overall situation, identifies needs, and offers REAL solutions. First, we gather as much information though meetings and medical records from the family and providers, then meet with the client in their home. We are assessing their medical needs, social needs, housing situation and much more. Specifically, we are looking for an red flags that indicate the needs for a medical provider or safety concerns within the home. Once we gather the information, we provide a detailed summary of needs with specific recommendations. These recommendations are not generic, but specific and available options with respect to the clients financial situation.

What this report provides is a collaborative plan to improve or maintain the quality of life of the individual and safely promote their independence. We use it as a working document for a plan of care and do develop a care team (family, friends, neighbors, professionals, and medical providers of support for the individual.)

Why do we spend time doing a full advocacy analysis before starting care management services? If a client doesn’t want the full report or is in a crisis situation, we can jump right in, yes. The reason we prefer this approach though, is because we have seen time and time again the preventable stress and misunderstanding of circumstances that can be avoided with this service. In many cases the family or the client may be focused on one concern and missing the bigger picture.

It’s important to note we do charge for this service, and why. At this time, the ONLY source of payment is coming directly from our clients. This allows us complete autonomy. We do not accept referral fees or kickbacks from any service or professional we refer to, so our client’s best interest is always the priority. The Aging Advocates team dedicates a significant amount of their time to meeting with providers, touring communities, and education on the local service options so we can remain current and knowledgeable on the available resources in our area.

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