Our Business was Founded On Caring

We will provide ongoing service to you only after we have assessed your needs and you, or a person designated to act for you, understand and agree to a plan of service, the results that may be expected from it, and the cost of service. We will base our plan of service on goals you, or a person designated to act for you, have defined, and which enhance the decisions you have made concerning your life. Our first duty is loyalty to you. We will always provide services based on your best interest, even if this conflicts with our interests or the interests of others.

Care Consultation

  • Discuss client needs and goals

Advocacy Analysis

  • Gathering of information & assessments
  • Personalized written recommendations
    • Caregiver options with rates and availability
    • Home safety interventions & accessibility
    • Senior housing or long-term care placement
    • Medical specialist referrals i.e. geriatricians, mental health providers, physical occupational and speech therapists
    • Social engagement options
    • Medicaid planning
    • Day programs
    • End of life planning
    • Professional referrals i.e. elder & estate planning attorneys, financial advisor
    • Meal prep or delivery services
    • Dementia Training
    • Family dynamic mediation

Care Management

  • On-going guidance and care coordination

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