Christina Bosworth, RN

Aging Life Care Manager

Christina was born and raised in the Mohawk Valley. She received her RN license in 2009 and has continued to serve the greater-Utica community for all of this time. Much of her career she worked within the hospital system, caring for the acute and chronically ill adult populations. 

Christina had a desire to shift from a sick-care health model and focus on supporting others in creating their most well-life; empowering individuals to define what health and wellness looks like, create goals for their life, and support them in an active plan to achieve their most optimal health. She is a Board Certified Nurse Coach and believes that health involves a whole-person, experiential approach; taking special attention to the mind-body-spirit interconnection.

In addition to her private coaching practice, Christina serves her county as an Assistant Forensics Death Investigator. She enjoys speaking to nurses and nursing students about infusing more holism in their nursing practice. Christina continues to live in the Mohawk Valley with her husband and four young children who keep her active and creative. 

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